Tom van Apeldoorn

Tom is a born entrepeneur. After found the Dutch travel trade magazine TravelPro over 20 years ago, he has built a huge network in the industry. A creative person with always the right thing to say.

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T.J. van Apeldoorn

Being Tom’s oldest son, entrepreneurship has been his education all his life. After finishing high school he started working at Tom’s publishing company as a web-designer. After finishing several projects for clients such as Club Med and Thomas Cook, he co-designed a platform purely for travel agents. To promote this platform, he visited all the travel agencies in the Netherlands in just a few weeks.

As a sales director, his experience with the Dutch travel industry will help your personal GSA in his or her day-to-day work interacting with the travel agents.

Currently, he is also the Commercial Director for the Dutch travel trade magazines TravelPro & TravMagazine.

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Dennis de Groot

Dennis is a very experienced B2B salesman, who has joined the Travel GSA-team as from the 1st of August 2014. With his skill and knowledge, Travel GSA can offer an even better service to new and existing clients.

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Arjen Lutgendorff

Arjen is in charge of the newsfeed on As an experienced journalist he has an eye for scoops, which we provide the visitors of our website with. Arjen is also responsible for keeping you in touch with the Dutch through our free weekly newsletter (SUBSCRIBE HERE)

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