Lufthansa Group submits a concept for establishing a re-structured Alitalia

The Lufthansa Group has submitted an offer letter today, expressing its interest in establishing a ‘NewAlitalia’. Lufthansa has opted not to make an offer for the complete Airline but has stated interest in only parts of the Global network traffic and European and domestic point-to-point business.

The offer includes a concept for a newly structured Alitalia with a focused business model (“NewAlitalia”), which could develop long-term economic prospects.

The responsible commissioners have agreed to maintain confidentiality regarding the details of the offer.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol testing smart passenger bridge

Connecting a passenger bridge to an aircraft within sixty seconds? Pretty soon, this will no longer be a pipe dream. Schiphol and bridge supplier CIMC-TianDa have signed a contract for the development of a robotic passenger bridge. Smart ICT and sensors will simplify the work of the bridge operator and reduce the waiting time of passengers on the aircraft.

Currently, the bridge operator has to position the passenger bridge manually. Over the past year, together with KLM and the bridge supplier, Schiphol has carried out a successful trial involving the automatic connection of the airbridge. The operator enters the aircraft type and the bridge then makes its own way to the aircraft, stopping just outside the door. The operator only needs to complete the final stage manually, using the joystick.

The next step is to move on to the fully automatic connection of the bridge, making the process both quicker and simpler. Sixty percent of the time, connecting a bridge currently takes longer than a minute. Schiphol and its partners are now entering a new test phase in which the bridge itself recognises the aircraft on the basis of the information in the flight information system, also allowing the final stage to be automated. However, a bridge operator must always be present to operate the bridge and supervise the process.

This innovation is a global first and means good news for the airlines and ground handlers. In the future, it may help to speed up aircraft turnaround times, during which every minute counts. It also means an improvement for passengers, as it will allow them to leave the aircraft sooner. If everything goes according to plan, the airport expects to debut the world’s first robotic passenger bridge in 2019.

New board members CHATA: Edward Suares and Alette Borger

On Friday October 6th CHATA Members had the opportunity to elect two new board members for the interim period until the scheduled board elections of 2018.

According to President & CEO Miles Mercera, it was a tight race between the six candidates that put themselves up for election for the two available interim hotel positions on the CHATA Board. In total CHATA received 577 valid votes, of which 329 went to Edward Suares from Lions Dive & Beach Resort followed by Alette Borger from Dolphin Suites with 284 votes. Mercera is convinced that the newly appointed interim board members will continue with the mission and vision of CHATA and contribute to the development of a sustainable tourism industry with a strong focus on public and private partnership. During the meeting CHATA also provided the members with an overview of the performance of tourism and the current projects which are being undertaken by CHATA and the sector in general.

One of the notable projects include the partnership of CHATA with Greenkidz where forces will be joined to educate the youth about the importance of Tourism and Sustainability. Furthermore, CHATA also provided the membership with a sneak peak of their new InCuraçao product in partnership with Fortress Interactive. CHATA also informed its members about the launch of the “Curaçao on the Map” project which was officially launched on October 5th in partnership with CTB, Dolfijn FM, UTS, Profound Projects, the Government of Curaçao and Bureau Telecommunicate & Post. Furthermore, CHATA elaborated on important developments within the sector such as the restructuring of the CTDF Board and search for a new CEO for CTB, the creation of a task force for the implementation of a level playing field within the sector and the rising need for additional airlift for Curaçao. As Miles Mercera stated, “One of the biggest hurdles facing the industry today is the limited amount of airlift of Curacao. Our visitors demand direct connectivity, something which we are not able to offer at the moment”

In addition to the interim Board Elections CHATA also invited several keynote speakers to share their vision on important subjects for the industry with the purpose of keeping members up to date with current affairs and to spark creative ideas and collaboration between its members. CHATA invited a representative of CINEX, Mr. Raymond Jamanika to give a presentation on the importance of Investment for the Tourism Industry. CHATA believes that it is of great importance for the private sector and government to invest in the development of our tourism product in order for our destination to meet the demands of the tourists we are trying to attract.

Next, Van Eps Kunneman & van Doorne elaborated on issues which are of importance for businesses in the unfortunate event of natural disasters. Natural disasters can have serious negative affects for many businesses. In the unfortunate event that business can no longer operate business owners have to take the difficult decision of terminating employment agreements. Mrs. Molly Steward and Mrs. Tiffany de Palm elaborated on the considerations business owners should take in the case of such an occurrence.

Finally, CHATA concluded the Member Meeting with an inspiring speech by the President of FDKK Mr. Takaidzwa Doran who elaborated on the benefits of Sport Tourism for the Island. According to Mr. Doran, Curaçao holds untapped potential to develop as a sport tourism destination. Members showed great interest in this subject and CHATA stated that it will continue to explore possibilities together with FDKK to further develop the idea of sport tourism on Curaçao.

Bellew to join Ryanair as Chief Operations Officer

Ryanair today announced that Peter Bellew would re-join Ryanair as Chief Operations Officer. Bellew who is currently the CEO of Malaysia Airlines will take over responsibility for all Ryanair’s flight operations, ground operations and engineering but with a specific responsibility for pilot production, training and career development with a mission to ensure that the pilot rostering failure which Ryanair suffered in early September will never be repeated.

Bellew, who previously worked in Ryanair until 2014, latterly as Director Flight Operations, will join the Ryanair team in Dublin from Friday 1st December next. Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said: “We are pleased to welcome Peter back to Ryanair. Having worked previously in a senior role in our Operations team, Peter has an unrivalled knowledge of our business model and how we maintain controlled growth, with industry leading punctuality, for the benefit of our customers and our people. Peter will lead a significant transformation in the way we reward and interact with our pilots, improve their working environment and career development over the coming years as we grow the fleet to some 600 aircraft and expand our traffic, at lower fares, to 200m customers p.a.”